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3 February 2021
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19 February 2021


Fedegari Group introduces an experimental canteen model in collaboration with Chef Mirko Ronzoni to valorize the food quality of Made in Italy and address the different employees needs

The wellness of our employees is a fundamental element for the growth of the Company, depending also on what we eat. Our meals are prepared not only to feed but to improve as much as possible, the quality of life of Fedegari employees”, affirms Paolo Fedegari, Managing Director of Fedegari Group.


The restyling project of Fedegari canteen by Chef Mirko Ronzoni includes, in fact, the creation of 4 seasonal menus based on different needs (eg. food restrictions or intolerances) and the preparation of special dishes also for the customers, using top-quality ingredientsMade in Italy”.


Mirko Ronzoni, winner of Hell’s Kitchen – Italian Edition and Sous Chef alongside Carlo Cracco during the 3th and 4th edition of the talent show, collaborates with various brands designing healthy and innovative experiences. Tradition, technique, and extremely accurate research of the ingredients are the elements that characterize his cuisine/approach.

Chef Mirko Ronzoni and its aesthetic cuisine
Chef Mirko Ronzoni and its cuisine
Salmon by Chef Mirko Ronzoni
Special dishes for Fedegari customers at Fedegari canteen


The changes will be gradual to maintain the creative and genuine feature of the tradition present in Fedegari from the 70s and highly appreciated by employees and guests. Chef Ronzoni has introduced new cooking and food conservation techniques which will not only help to reduce food waste but also to create more balanced and functional nutrition meals.

“Step by step, we will transform the “canteen”, leading the “company restaurant” – as I like to define it – to an upper level. Enhancing tradition with an innovative touch, it is important to make all employees feel at home, in a space of refreshment and wellness” Mirko explains.

“From a survey among the employees we learned about the importance attributed to a healthy and balanced diet, therefore we are very happy to collaborate with a Chef like Mirko Ronzoni, who is very meticulous about the quality and excellence of Italian food”, declared Paolo Fedegari.

Paolo Fedegari
Paolo Fedegari: the importance of employees welness
Fedegari Menu
Fedegari Traditional Menu - Customer experience

One of the main goals of Fedegari when it comes to the canteen has always been to work with the local quality food producers. “Only in this way we can find selected ingredients, fresh, tasty and more nutritious food”, Paolo Fedegari explains. “With this collaboration we want to explore new paths that could reinterpret the treasures of our typical Mediterranean cuisine, exploiting the nutritional characteristics for healthy meals that combine wellness and the love for good food” he concludes.

“How can I valorize the Fedegari Canteen? Making it even healthier, more sustainable and, certainly, keeping high-quality meals developed by the Canteen Team, as well as introducing healthy food beside the typical meals to make the lunch break even more exciting” introduces Mirko.

Fedegari Italy receives an average of 800 customers a year from all over the world
Fedegari Italy receives an average of 800 customers a year from all over the world
Chef Mirko Ronzoni with Carlo Cracco at Hell's Kitchen
Chef Mirko Ronzoni with Carlo Cracco at Hell's Kitchen


The restyling project will also include new menus for customers considering different customs, preferences and typical dishes from various cultures that Fedegari welcomes daily at its headquarters.

“Every year, we host here in Albuzzano, together with our employees, an average of 800 customers coming from all over the world, who choose the quality and excellence of our machines: offering top quality dishes with selected ingredients means to give continuity to our values, and welcome them with the same nutritional attention that we give to our employees”, Paolo Fedegari concludes.

For those who want to follow Mirko’s social profile

INSTAGRAM: @mirkoronzoniofficial

Headquarters in Albuzzano, Italy