Delivering turn-key integrated solutions and the related services for cost-effective production of innovative sterile drugs.


Capitalizing on our 60+ years experience in providing the most innovative and sophisticated process equipment in the field of contamination control and mastering every technology that affects performance and reliability of our systems.


For guaranteeing performances you can rely on for growing your business.



We introduced to the field of sterilization an absolutely innovative industrial strategy: to design machines exclusively as a function of the specific operating requirements of their users.

Our machines are highly customized industrial products. They are based on functional modules designed to minimize risks linked to the production of machines that are always different and for which no uncertainty in performance is allowed.

It is indeed the constant collaboration with our customers that has allowed us to develop and grow our “company know-how”, without which today’s results would never have been achieved.


Every Fedegari product is the result of long work into research, design and manufacturing that has been turned into reality here since the early 1950s with professionalism and passion.

If we are considered a world-class reference in the production of sterilizers, that’s indeed because of the characteristics set by the founders since the company was established in 1953.

More than half a century later, we have preserved the “craftsmanlike character” of those origins, the care for detail in shaping matter and the rigor of those days, combining them with an organizational structure that is evolving constantly to drive every development of technology rather than submit to it.



For us, safety means not only keeping the operator safe, but also and above all assure of results: two conditions that we achieve thanks to the courage to look at things from a different perspective.

In our work, safety arises first of all from simplicity: the provision of simple solutions in fact allows total control of technology that safeguards the health of workers and at the same time minimizes risks in terms of machine performance.

The choice to seek simplicity is the one that we continue to privilege, because although it sometimes entails higher manufacturing costs it costantly repays itself during the use of the machines and in their maintenance.


Continuous innovation, in addition to being a genetic characteristic and an inborn need for some people, is also an intentional choice to maintain technological leadership and a commitment that we renew every day with our customers.

It is almost a form of obsession that produces new solutions at a fast pace, without waiting for the evolution of others.

It is indeed thanks to pioneering solutions that we have been able to stand out from all other manufacturers and take on the role of precursors: we develop technical solutions of such originality and effectiveness that they are often imitated by those who don’t have the courage to take risks.



We believe that research activity is a synonym of entrepreneurial courage: every day we face significant structural investments to enhance our company and we have equipped ourselves with efficient means and skilled resources.

Over 3500 m2 house the research and development department: this is where the future is designed, new frontiers of evolution are explored and tomorrow’s technologies are anticipated together with our customers.

The great commitment in research and the continuous upgrading of facilities and technologies are the tangible proof of our pioneering spirit: we seek new frontiers with enthusiasm and creativity.


Originality is our most characterizing trait: originality in design and process, in manufacturing criteria, but also in development strategies and in rewarding alliances.

We are unique in the world: we have in fact chosen to design “customized” machines, to build in-house every component and to experiment with alternative processes in order to be ahead of market trends, control technology and constantly seek innovation. We are convinced that merely assembling components designed and manufactured by others for different applications does not allow to innovate the technology of one’s own product.

It is indeed the courage to be different that has allowed us, in the course of half a century, to transform from a small handicraft company to a world leader corporation.

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