14 January 2020
27 March 2020



Environmental awareness is a core value driving all the activities of the Aboca Group. The company has chosen to collaborate with Fedegari for the development of an unconventional cleaning solution eliminating detergents from the process

Fedegari is collaborating with Aboca, leader in therapeutics based on natural molecule with an innovative approach to healthcare through the development of 100% natural and biodegradable food supplements and medical devices.


Aboca is an Italian healthcare company focused on the principles of natural health to advance on therapeutics based on scientific research. The Aboca Group is one of the leading manufacturers of 100% natural products which are biologically capable of addressing more than 40 different health needs. The group employs over 1,500 people with revenues around 220 million. Aboca is present in 15 countries besides Italy, counting 6 companies and products distributed in more than 30,000 drugstores worldwide.


Thanks to its founder Valentino Mercati, Aboca has created a cutting-edge path in the natural healthcare sector and still operates today with an innovative attitude: a totally vertical production chain, manufacturing high-quality raw material through organic cultivation up to the verification of the clinical effects of the products

Valentino Mercati, Presidente e Fondatore Aboca
Valentino Mercati, Founder and CEO of Aboca Group



This technical collaboration between Aboca and Fedegari allowed the development of a special process equipment for washing and sterilization of components used to produce ointments. The system eliminates the use of any detergent while exploiting the natural characteristics of the steam. As a consequence, developing the most efficient solution was essential to optimize the manufacturing process and to achieve significant savings in energy, process fluids and surfactants both during the process and in wastewater treatment.


Aboca cleaning system applies an original solution developed by Fedegari in the early 1980s for the washing, sterilization and drying of containers intended for the sterile packaging of bulk drugs. The experiences made afterward allowed Fedegari to implement variations of this project to treat different products with the same technology already field-tested.



The agreement highlights, first of all, the highest qualitative standards of the Italian industry in terms of machinery and production processes. Second, it also confirms the innovation as a strength of Aboca and Fedegari showing the ability of both the Italian companies to contribute to an ever-increasing sustainable industrial production.


“Being able to collaborate with customers like Aboca allows us to demonstrate that only a closer relationship between manufacturer and user can create efficient and reliable solutions. The knowledge sharing allows us to face together ambitious challenges such as eco-compatibility and the production of ever purer therapeutic products. However, it is essential for an entrepreneur to have a long-term strategic vision and a strong predisposition to invest in original ideas. I thank Valentino Mercati for his vision and determination in the realization of this project “, said Giuseppe Fedegari, President of the Fedegari Group.




In 2018, Aboca has modified its status becoming Benefit society. Finally, on November 2019 the company has been recognized with the new B CORP certification.

For the next five years Aboca’s vision is to continue pursuing the common good in various areas: promoting the health and well-being, research and innovation, creating new supply chain models, improving the environment and, at the same time, increasing sales.




“We work convinced that it is possible to do business with total respect for the environment. We produce millions of pieces remaining 100% natural. We believe that Fedegari is the ideal partner, for its technical expertise in the sector and professionalism, for the development of a new ‘cleaning’ approach for our manufacturing needs”, declares Valentino Mercati, President and Founder of Aboca.

FOWS Lavasterilizzatore


“Fedegari is helping us to innovate a very important phase of our industrial production process – cleaning of the parts used in the manufacturing process – which is essential for us to guarantee the quality and safety of the products we put on the market”, concludes Mercati.



“This solution will allow us to guarantee the cleaning of our machine parts used in production to remain absolutely free of surfactants. In addition, the adoption of this new technology will allow us to carry out cleaning activities – and therefore production – in less time, optimizing productivity “, explains Massimiliano Zagli, Production Director of the Aboca Group. “In our opinion, the technical solution developed together with Fedegari will play a truly valuable role in reducing pollution, consumption of water and other resources. More precisely, it will allow us to obtain perfect cleaning of our production equipment without using “pollutants” such as surfactants “, adds Zagli.