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1 September 2022
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20 October 2022


22 Fedegari employees involved in enhancing Workplace Safety activities.

Our company has always been focused on enhancing and maintaining a safe and suitable working environment which allows the best possible work for its employees.

Safety is a value that creates well-being, and well-being is an important aspect of our daily lives.

Among the many benefits brought by a safe and quality work environment are:

  • increased satisfaction and productivity
  •  increased interaction among people
  • creation of corporate value

Seeking to ensure the further improvement and growth of our company, a number of activities have been launched to ensure a safer working environment for everyone.
Among the latest activities implemented by the HSE, Health, Safety & Environment division are:

Assessment of electromagnetic fields and other physical/chemical/biological risks

We just completed at the Albuzzano headquarters the evaluations, in the workplaces and in the proximity of the activities that generate them, of electromagnetic fields, artificial optical radiation including laser safety and ultrasound. These measurements allow us to prevent our colleagues from being exposed to values above the legal limit.
Such monitoring is part of a program of periodic checks that also include other factors such as noise, vibration, air quality etc.

Electromagnetic field (EMF) risk assessment is an important tool for the health and safety of exposed workers. The attention the company puts on these risks is also demonstrated by the choice of partner supporting the activities: the environmental research center of the Istituti Clinici Scientifici (ICS) Maugeri, which has been working in the field of workplace medicine and worker health protection since 1965.

Firefighting course

The 22 employees (including 2 volunteer firefighters) took part in the firefighting course held by APT Safety Group, a center specializing in specific techniques, courses and training on workplace safety, at the equipped training center in Bornasco.

The course, aimed at improving promptness and the ability to intervene in critical situations, included a theoretical part and practical training on both firefighting and emergency response incident scenarios. Participants had to demonstrate their level of readiness and understanding of the program content.

Some of the main topics covered during the course were:

  • The main causes of fire in relation to the specific work environment
  • Specific fire prevention and firefighting measures
  • The importance of monitoring work environments
  • Procedures to adopt when a fire is detected
  • Methods of evacuation

Firefighting and first aid course

Prompt action in emergency situations is of fundamental importance within a company such as ours as well as in ordinary life. In fact, risks can be multiple and it is necessary to act quickly and rationally to avoid damage to property and people.

In order to mitigate these dangers, in the project to expand and “professionalize” the mandatory Fire and First Aid Teams, a team of 22 employees distributed among the various Fedegari departments has been created with the task of leading operations and supporting their colleagues in critical situations such as fire or injury or illness situations.

“It was extremely useful and interesting to attend these courses both to be able to act properly and professionally while on the job and to be prepared to deal with accidents that may occur outside the workplace. The courses were well organized and the instructors were very qualified. This made it possible to transfer the necessary skills in a very effective way.”-said Emanuele Mutti, one of the members of the new firefighting and first aid teams.

First Aid Officer Course

Ensuring a high level of safety in all work situations, the group took part in the First Aid Officers course held at the auditorium of our headquarters in Albuzzano.

Some of the topics covered during the course were:

  • Identification of vital signs
  • Understanding the intervention scheme
  • Communication with 112 operators
  • Techniques for approaching the traumatized person
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (BLS) techniques.

Besides ensuring safety and adding value to our organization, these courses represent important social value.

Le tematiche e gli argomenti appresi dai partecipanti, infatti, possono essere sfruttati in situazioni critiche anche all’esterno dei cancelli Fedegari, traducendosi in un alto valore per le persone che ci circondano.

“È molto bello vedere i partecipanti ai corsi così motivati ed interessati all’argomento. Questo ci fa capire che stiamo facendo il nostro meglio sia per la nostra Azienda, sia per la nostra comunità! In qualsiasi cosa che facciamo, la professionalità e la continua ricerca del miglioramento sono valori che, visti i presupposti, sicuramente continueremo a coltivare” – commenta Massimo Braghieri, HSE manager e coordinatore dei corsi.​​​​​​​