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Carbon offset certificate for responsible industrial waste management

Creating value that can last and help meet the new energy challenge is one of the goals Fedegari seeks to pursue in everyday challenges.

In this sustainable transformation project, we have joined forces with a number of partner companies, such as Nativa for the B corp and benefit company project and Kneat for the paperless validation project.

Besides guiding us along the way, these partnerships allow us to achieve effective results for value creation.

Waste management is also central to ensuring sustainability.

That is why we chose to collaborate with Omnisyst S.p.A., which with its “ESG Value” program helps clients to enroll their waste cycle in the value creation journey, according to ESG criteria.

Omnisyst has developed a proprietary algorithm to measure the environmental impact of industrial waste not only in terms of treatment (recycling or disposal), but also the transportation required to complete the full cycle.

In addition, the program makes it possible to neutralize the environmental impact from waste treatment through the purchase and collection of CO2 credits from the VCS standard (Verified Carbon Standard).

carbon offset certificate

Thanks to this project, our company has obtained the Carbon offset certificate for the neutralization of 1.3584 tons of CO2 related to the advanced industrial waste management activity in the year 2021.

This is one of the first achievements of our sustainable transformation project, demonstrating that this is the correct direction for a real positive change.

Our shared commitment can indeed contribute to the creation of value for our company, as well as for our country and our planet.

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