15 April 2020
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14 September 2020


chooses Fedegari for its largest bio-manufacturing facility in Ireland

WuXi Biologics, Chinese world leader in the production of biotech pharmaceuticals, has chosen Fedegari Group to supply 15 high-performance process machines – GMP washers and autoclaves – for its new production site in Ireland.

“We are all excited to initiate our first global site to enable local companies and expedite biologics development in Europe. In addition, this is the start and a critical part of our global biomanufacturing network to ensure that biologics are manufactured at the highest quality and with a robust supply chain to benefit patients worldwide. We will work with all local partners to build this state-of-art next generation biomanufacturing facility as a showcase to the global biotech community.”  said Dr. Chris Chen, CEO of WuXi Biologics.


The new headquarters to be inaugurated in Dundalk will receive investments of 325 MEUR and the construction will provide the employment of 700 people with the creation of 600 new jobs by 2024. The manufacturing project in a 26-hectare campus, the company’s first site outside of China, is supported by the Irish Government through IDA Ireland

Latest Image of WuXi Biologics Factory of the Future in Ireland


Wuxi’s state-of-the-art facility will employ multiple single-use bioreactors for commercial biomanufacturing and is designed to be able to run continuous bioprocessing, a next generation manufacturing technology to be first implemented globally in this campus. A total of 48,000 l fed-batch and 6,000 l perfusion bioreactor capacity will be installed, representing the world’s largest facility using single-use bioreactors.

“The global bio/pharma market is changing, and we are experiencing an ever-growing interest in our business model. The pre-requisite for introducing more cost-effective and reliable drug manufacturing solutions is a strong technical partnership between end-users and, equipment suppliers. Without a rock-solid relationship of trust, the end-users will not dare to invest in unconventional solutions. However, this relationship will not develop out of bombastic statements on a website rather is the consequence of a tested technical relationship”, said Giuseppe Fedegari, President of the group.


The collaboration between Fedegari and WuXi began in China in 2018. The new project in Ireland strengthens the relationship with the supply of 8 high- performance sterilizers and 7 eco-steam washers for a value of about 4 MEUR.

This agreement consolidates Fedegari presence in the Asian market, which corresponds to 30% of the company revenues.



“With an innovative vision, we have always invested in a strong R&D team with the best-equipped facility capable of simulating all possible processes for the closest possible technical collaboration with the most challenging customers. In our Tech Centers, we develop a trustworthy proof of concepts that allow our customers to invest in our solutions while minimizing the risk of failure. We are truly honored of Wuxi’s decision to invest in Fedegari and we trust their ability to innovate the way future drugs will be produced”, adds Fedegari.


In Ireland, Fedegari Group has been present through its historical local technical partner SteriTech Process Solutions. For over 25 years SteriTech has delivered world class project, C&Q and life cycle support to the leading pharmaceutical manufactures in Ireland and the UK.

FOWS Lavasterilizzatore


WuXi Biologics, a listed company based in Hong Kong, is a world leader in the biotechnology sector and the only Chinese company certified by the FDA for the export of these types of drugs. Wuxi offers end-to-end solutions designing, developing and manufacturing biopharmaceuticals from concept to commercial production, with an estimated capacity of 22,000 l by 2021 (China, Ireland, Singapore and USA).

As of December 2018, Wuxi Biologics had developed 205 integrated projects, 97 of which were preclinical, 94 relating to Phase I and II clinical development, 13 to Phase III and one commercial production project.