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10 June 2022
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1 September 2022


Certified quality and expertise for Fedegari Group: EN ISO 3834-2 and AD 2000-HP0

In the last weeks, Fedegari completed the audit to get two new certifications: EN ISO 3834-2 and AD 2000-HP0.

These are two important international certifications that position our company as a leader in pressure vessel construction and in activities such as metal materials processing, welding and nondestructive testing.

Since welding quality is inherent in the product, getting EN ISO 3834-2 and AD 2000-HP0 certifications demonstrate expertise in fusion welding processes, evaluated independently by a Notified Body.

EN ISO 3834-2 certification: what is it referred to?

EN ISO 3834-2 certification is the international standard of quality requirements for welding and melting of metallic materials. In fact, ISO 9001 certification states that, where necessary, special processes must be identified for the treatment of some kinds of materials.

The ISO 3834-2 standard is an excellent way to meet this requirement and ensure high quality throughout the production process, in fact, compliance with ISO 3834-2 results in an EN standard required for the construction of pressure vessels and therefore, critical to our manufacturing sector.

What does AD 2000-HP0 certify?

The AD 2000-HP0 is an essential certification for companies that design and build welded, pressure and non-pressure equipment and structures designed according to the German AD 2000 Merkblatt Code.

It certifies that the company meets the requirements for ensuring the safety and quality of welded equipment, and in particular:

  • it has facilities that allow production and inspection in accordance with applicable technical standards
  • it implements a quality system that ensures that the manufacturing and inspection of the products reported in the company report, comply with the technical rules and standards
  • it employs qualified supervisory and inspection employees

The first historical AD 2000-HP0 Fedegari certificate is dated 1985 and it is one of the earliest obtained in the history of our company. It demonstrates how quality has always been the first place in our work.

nuove certificazioni per Fedegari

There are three levels of EN ISO 3834 certification: elementary (part 4 of the standard), normal (part 3 of the standard), and extended (part 2 of the standard).

In all three cases, EN ISO 3834 is intended to certify companies that carry out welding processes in “Quality.” This certification does not replace ISO 9001 but can integrate it when the standard applies to the construction of pressurized equipment.

Each upper level of certification incorporates the lower levels as well. For example, if the company is certified in Part 2, then it is automatically certified in Parts 3 and 4 as well.

primo storico certificato AD 2000-HP0

Every year in Fedegari are produced:





In the picture TUV Italy Inspectors Mario Ghidotti and Fabio Locatelli with Roberto Bertolotti – Fedegari Quality Engineer, Luigi Cremonesi – Fedegari Welding Supervisor and Riccardo Boatti – Fedegari Quality Director, during the inspection performed in the production area.

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certificazione EN ISO 3834-2 e AD 2000-HP0