11 December 2018
5 March 2019


Fedegari is proud to collaborate with PDA Europe hosting the hands-on training course “Understanding Sterilization” on  26-28 th February, 2019.

The course will be held at Fedegari’s Tech Center, where participants will be able to discuss real-life problems while using Fedegari equipment to apply their new knowledge and capabilities.

Understanding sterilization

Three days fully dedicated to every sterilization aspect, from basic principles to validation activities. Starting from an overview of all sterilization methods, participants will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of moist-heat sterilization. Not only theoretical sessions, but also hands-on training with process machines for increasing your practical knowledge.

Participants will be able to discuss real-life problems while using Fedegari equipment to apply their new knowledge and capabilities. Finally, attendees will have the opportunity to share their experiences and challenges with experts in sterilization and contamination control.


Attendees will learn how to:

Select the right machine according to the product to be treated

Create the perfect cycle for liquid and porous loads

Run biological and thermal validation

Who Should Attend:

Manufacturing Supervisors and Operators

QA Managers

QC Managers

Facility Managers/Technicians

Validation/Qualification Personnel

Equipment Manufacturers

Head of Production

Process Engineers

Process Developers

Learning Objectives:

The participants:

Have understood concepts of decontamination, disinfection and sterilization

Have understood the principles of moist heat/dry heat sterilization

Have an overview of other sterilization methods (gamma irradiation, E-Beam, EtO)

Can calculate F and D values

Have understood the different cycle requirements for various load types (solid, porous, liquid)

Have understood approaches for qualification of equipment

Have understood challenges and solutions for biological and chemical indicators


Maria Luisa Bernuzzi, Manager R&D, Fedegari Group
Graduated at the University of Pavia (Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology), Maria Luisa started her career dealing with environmental analysis, and then moved to Chemical – Pharmaceutical industry. Being R&D manager and QC manager, in 2010, she also attended a Master degree about “Evaluation and control of the toxicological risk from environmental pollutants – legislation REACH, CLP – chemical risk assessment”. Since 2011, Maria Luisa is R&D manager at Fedegari Group: new technologies, a multidisciplinary approach at the Innovations, development of validation strategies ad assessment of process efficacy, also with microbiological tests, are her main tasks. Specialties: Validation of equipment, Sterilization processes, Isolation technology in aseptic and containment applications, Decontamination.

Darren Beckett, Technical Director, Steritech Ltd
Darren Beckett is the Technical Director for SteriTech Ltd. SteriTech are the partner company for Fedegari and Masco Groups in the UK and Ireland. Darren heads the technical team responsible for support, training and consultancy focused on washing, sterilisation and associated aseptic processes including cycle development and validation activities. Darren has over 20 years’ hands-on industrial experience in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry focusing on commissioning and validation of moist and dry heat sterilisers and critical utility systems. Since 2013, he has managed the technical centre which includes client product R&D and process development/validation projects and acts as the principle technical and process trainer both at our technical centre and at customer’s sites across Europe and the US.

PDA 2019 – Understanding sterilization

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