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27 August 2019
19 December 2019

CUSPAVIA & UNIPV: Fedegari visit the facilities and the KOSMOS Museum

Very few things can bond communities in the same way that sport does. Our company is proud to support local sports activities with CUS Pavia Rugby at all levels.

On November 27th, 2019, Fedegari was delighted to meet sponsors behind the teams of CUS Pavia and visit the facilities where athletes train for the many sports offered by CUS such as rowing, volleyball, rugby, fencing, archery, climbing, and fitness.

The event, organized by CUS Pavia in collaboration with the University of Pavia, was also an opportunity to join a guided tour of the recently inaugurated Kosmos Museum of Natural History. The museum invites visitors to revive a journey into the past, rediscovering the great ideas and studies of Lazzaro Spallanzani, Charles Darwin and other great minds.

“Pavia has a great history to be discovered. Prof. Paolo Mazzarello and Prof. Giorgio Mellerio have led us on a revitalizing journey through the History of Science highlighting how precious Pavia is. We are glad to support local sports and cultural activities and we will certainly promote the initiative of the Kosmos museum among our network of partners and customers” commented Giuseppe Fedegari.

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Founded in 1967, the Pavia University Sports Center is an amateur sports association based in Pavia in Via Bassi 9/a. The main purpose of the CUS Pavia is to encourage the practice, dissemination and enhancement of physical education and sporting activity in favor of university students and the community. In this sense the CUS develops multiple initiatives with recreational purpose targeting people aged 4 to 70 years old. For example, they offer activities for young people starting sport or for those with distinctly competitive aims, addressing different requests.

It organizes and proposes, in the context of recreational activities a wide range of FITNESS courses, supported by the MULTISPORT for the little ones.

Learn more at: https://www.cuspavia.org/

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Kosmos is housed inside the ground floor of Palazzo Botta-Adorno, where Napoleon stayed and was born with a didactic idea structured on several levels, from children to families, from enthusiasts to the curious, but also suitable for experts. Its historical pieces such as the Gonzaga hippopotamus, taxidermized and arrived at the museum in 1783, but probably already present in the Gonzaga collections from 1627 or the elephant of “Napoleon”, donated in 1772 by the governor of Chandannagar, in Bengal, to Louis XV of France.

At the moment, the Kosmos Museum website is available only in Italian.

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The Kosmos museum tells the journeys of great naturalists from Charles Darwin to Alexander von Humboldt, from Carlo Linneo to Lazzaro Spallanzani, who in Pavia hold lessons of natural history at the University from 1769. Spallanzani managed the museum commissioned by Maria Teresa of Austria which originated the actual Kosmos. The new museum has updated and made contemporary all the trips Spallanzani did to investigate nature in all its dimensions, sailing the Mediterranean, wandering around the Alps and the Balkans. Trips that he needed to study atmospheric and meteorological phenomena, to explore geology and volcanology, to proceed to that physical-naturalistic description of nature.