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Multiply Labs and Fedegari Group Collaborate to Add Sterilization to Automated Cell Therapy Manufacturing for Eliminating Contamination Risks

Robotic automation of Fedegari’s market-leading GMP sterilization equipment provides a safe, efficient approach for automated cell therapy manufacturing, further simplifying hard-to-make treatments.

SAN FRANCISCO, January 8, 2024 — Multiply Labs, a robotics company developing industry-leading automated manufacturing systems to produce individualized drugs, and Fedegari Group, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of customized systems for producing sterile drugs and MDs, today announced a strategic partnership around the automation of the sterilization of cell therapy robotic systems. Leveraging Multiply Labs’ cell therapy robotic cluster and Fedegari’s sterilization and bio-decontamination technology, this partnership will effectively reduce any contamination risk by automating sterilization capabilities.

“Our collaboration with Multiply Labs represents a meaningful step towards efficient, reliable and validatable personalized medicine.”

said Giuseppe Fedegari, President, Fedegari Group.

“This partnership is a testament to our cutting-edge capabilities, leveraging automation to propel cell therapy toward unprecedented mass scalability.”

Overall, leveraging robotic systems in cell therapy manufacturing holds significant promise for reducing contamination risk. Automated systems effectively reduce contamination risk because they do not rely on manual operation – one of the biggest sources of errors. When automating cell therapy manufacturing, it is critical to ensure that everything that comes in and out of the robotic cluster is sterilized. To solve for this, Multiply Labs and Fedegari will collaborate to develop an automated decontamination unit to serve as the input and output module for robotic cell therapy manufacturing. This unit will utilizes best-in-class vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) sterilization based on Fedegari’s know-how as used in several hundred process machines in operation around the globe in highly regulated environments.

We’re excited about our collaboration with Fedegari, as it allows us to combine our areas of deep expertise. The integration of an automated sterilization process will address significant risks and ultimately support the scaling of cell therapies,” said Dr. Fred Parietti, Co-Founder and CEO of Multiply Labs. “As we relentlessly pursue Multiply Labs’ goal of introducing a fully automated, end-to-end cell therapy manufacturing process to the market, our partnership with Fedegari marks a pivotal stride toward this vision.”

About Multiply Labs

Multiply Labs is a robotics company that provides autonomous manufacturing technology to the pharmaceutical industry. The company develops advanced, cloud-controlled robotic systems that enable the production of individualized drugs at scale. Its customers include some of the largest global organizations in the advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing space. Multiply Labs’ expertise is at the intersection of robotics and biopharma – its team includes mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, computer scientists, software engineers and pharmaceutical scientists. The founding team got in touch because of their shared love of robots at MIT. The company is based in San Francisco, California.

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About Fedegari

Fedegari Group is the world-class leader for the supply of highly customized integrated solutions for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Fedegari was created by brothers Giampiero and Fortunato Fedegari in the early 1950s; with over 70 years of trusted expertise in designing and manufacturing various process equipment for producing sterile drugs and MDs Fedegari is unwavering committed to support its clients in sharing its deep know-how on sterilization and bio-decontamination, to deliver the most effective therapies, following traditional values.

Operating in 100 countries world-wide, with headquarter in Italy and subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, US, Singapore, India, Russia, Japan and China, Fedegari employs more than 700 people.

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